Heading east from Champaign, IL to Syracuse, NY with an empty car dolly
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      Heading east from Champaign, IL to Syracuse, NY with an empty car dolly

      I'm going East to Syracuse NY from Champaign IL through Indianapolis IN, Cincinnati OH, Cleveland OH, Erie PA, Buffalo NY, and Rochester NY. I'll be loaded coming back (I'm picking up an S60 '04 T5 stick shift) but will be heading out from Illinois Friday afternoon 1/17 with an empty car dolly. If you want to pitch in for gas, I can haul a CAR/engine/trans/body parts etc. Eastbound. You'd need to have everything ready for quick load and unload. We're driving 12 hours out, load up, and 12 hours back.

      We'll have an '16 Chevy diesel 3/4 ton and rented car dolly. PM me with you phone # and I'll check my PMs up until noon Friday 1/17.


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      I'm sure you will be someones saint... Nice truck btw. :P
      2002 Volvo V70XC * Stage 2 Hilton Racing Tune * Custom Exhaust * Custom bi-xenon projector headlights (pampered)
      1997 Acura SLX 4wd - 2" lift - Locker - bi-xenon HID headlights - Cerwin Vega speakers (daily driver)

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