2007.5 Black Sapphire S60R M66 on Nordkap - 86K Miles
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      2007.5 Black Sapphire S60R M66 on Nordkap - 86K Miles

      This is a rare S60R, last model run. Completely stock.
      It has the AUX. Fully loaded aside from rear backup sensors. Full OEM Aero kit.
      Navi works.

      -Fuel Pump, Level Sensor, and Fuel Filter (just done at Volvo - have receipt - $1300+)
      -New Timing Belt, Tensioners, Water Pump, Coolant, and Serpentine Belt (performed by a master Volvo Tech)
      -Adjusted E-Brake
      -New Battery
      -Oil Change (Full Synthetic)
      -Fully Detailed

      -4C is fully functional
      -No codes
      -Breather box (PCV) - sucks in, no positive pressure.
      -Volvo has given it a clean bill of health.

      I am the third owner. Never owned by a kid, clean carfax, and no accidents.
      Previous owner was a retired engineer.
      Fully serviced at Volvo or by Volvo mechanics since new. 93 gas always used.
      Clean title in hand.

      Pictures can be seen here: https://newyork.craigslist.org/wch/c...054914310.html

      The car is:
      9.5/10 - Cosmetically
      9.5/10 - Mechanically
      9.5/10 - Interior

      Cosmetically - just had the rear bumper professionally repainted due to small nicks/road debris (I am OCD). I have the shop bill for this. The reason it is not a 10/10 is because like any 13 year old car, there are a couple light marks around the body, very hard to notice any of them unless I point them out, but would rather be conservative instead of saying 10/10, as I feel people use the word "mint" very lightly. Even the winglets are in superior condition.
      Mechanically - everything works and I have a full print out by Volvo, but I feel the passenger rear 4c has a little more play than the rest of the three. Everything is tight, aside from when in Sport/Advanced and you hit a bump, you can feel it a bit more in the back.
      Interior - pretty immaculate aside from classic Nordkap cracking on driver's seat outer bolster.

      I am asking $14,000 obo. I know this seems like a lot, but you will be hard pressed to find a cleaner more well maintained car.

      I barely drive this car at all, as I only really drive a little bit during the week and on the weekends, and when I do I generally drive my 05.
      If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

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      Current - 2007.5 M66 S60R Sapphikap w/ aero kit & navi: 86K (Garage Queen) - possibly for sale, DM if interested.
      2005 M66 S60R Sapphikap Mods: Evolve Catback Exhaust: 172K (Daily)

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      Wow! This is my identical twin! Literally. All options, colors, specs etc are identical, except ive got the back up sensors and a front splitter between my winglets and ive got about 40K more miles! You're looks just as clean and sorted as mine also. Ive always wondered what mine would sell for if I ever decided to post it up, althought Im not sure I ever will. Twins on opposite ends of the country! GLWS! Id love to hear how this goes!
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      2007 Volvo S60R - Sapphire Metallic Black/Nordkap, M66, 18" Pegs, Full Sport Body Kit, CF Werks Carbon Fiber Spliter, Nav, Bluetooth, IPod Dock, 3M 35% Tint, IPD 3” DP, IPD Boost Gauge, Volvo/Thule Roof Rack.

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