BOOSTER ECU by VAITRIX (Volvo SPA T6) Official Thread
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      BOOSTER ECU by VAITRIX (Volvo SPA T6) Official Thread

      Introducing the Booster ECU piggyback tuning unit for the SPA T6 engine. We have multiple models of the Booster ECU, but in the case of the T6 engine, only two of these models are applicable. This includes the Basic and the Pro model.

      For most, the Basic model will satisfy all needs for modification and performance. The Pro has a slightly faster processor, but is really only different in (2) ways:

      - End User tuning capability (using the Air Force Tuning Software and the USB tuning cable)
      - Methanol system tuning and control capabilities (the Pro harness has extra connections to integrate a methanol system. We are currently developing one for this platform, and with our components it is completely plug and play, but can also be integrated with other brand kits should someone decide to use them)

      All of the information below and mapping is the same on both units except for the (2) differences above, which will be highlighted in more detail further in the post.


      The Vaitrix Booster ECU is designed and manufactured in house. What makes this unit unique to other piggyback units is how it can be mapped and tuned. Instead of using a traditional 2D axis for tuning, it uses a 3D axis for total mapping control. It can read boost signal voltage according to RPM and load, allowing mapping at all throttle positions, boost ouputs, and engine rpm. This enables our mapping to improve peak power and torque without compromising drivability, and it also allows us to map low and part throttle accurately to improve drivability. In addition to this, it has automatic shut off features and disables the values in the mapping to 0 (which allows the stock signal to pass) if the unit loses power or is disconnected from a sensor.

      The Booster ECU is comprised of a control module, a universal harness, and a vehicle specific harness that connects to sensors on the engine. The vehicle specific harness connects to the MAP sensor, the Boost sensor on the intercooler piping (before the throttle), and the Cam Position Sensor.

      The Universal harness connects to the Booster ECU, and also has additional connectors for various uses (the Pro has additional connectors for methanol system operation). Both model harnesses have a connector for USB, and to power a bluetooth module.

      Both models have Bluetooth functionality, and can be connected to our mobile app, Air Force Go. This is available for Android devices, and it is working for iOS at the moment, but the map upload speeds are slower than desired. We are working on speeding that up so it can be officially released.

      The Air Force Go app allows you to switch between maps on your Booster unit, and also allows you to restore the Booster to stock settings at anytime. From the app, you can also download additional maps from the Vaitrix cloud server for your vehicle, and upload them to the Booster. Each unit has its own cloud space, and all maps you download are stored in that cloud space. This makes using the app on multiple devices simple, as your information will always appear when you connect to your unit.

      For USB connection, this is only necessary if you plan to purchase the Pro unit and intend to create your own maps using the Air Force Tuning Software. This is a PC compatible program, and allows you to create your own map calibrations and upload them to your Booster. It also has connection to the cloud server as well.

      Both the software and the app have various logging capabilities that allow you to see information from the sensors in real time voltages (they can also have various inputs connected to them as well). This feature is really only useful for troubleshooting or map development if you are a Pro user. The PC software is more in depth in regards to viewing data in real time.

      Both the Bluetooth functionality and USB Tuning cable can be added to your unit at the time of purchase (the USB tuning cable is only applicable to those that purchase the Pro).



      • ALL VOLVO (SPA Platform) T6 Engines (Non PSTAR OPT and PSTAR OPT)
      • Non PSTAR: +30hp +50tq | PSTAR OPT: +30hp +55tq


      | BOOSTER ECU | Overview and Specifications
      | INSTALLATION | Instructions (Volvo T6)
      | TESTING | Dyno Test/Acceleration Tests
      | AIR FORCE SOFTWARE | Overview and Instructions
      | BLUETOOTH COMPATIBLE | Add BT Module Adapter via drop down menu, or purchase at a later date.
      (1) Map included with purchase.
      | USB TUNING CABLE | can be added to purchase via menu (required for end user tuning, Pro users only)
      | MAP CLOUD DOWNLOADS | Additional stages/maps can be purchased from AIR FORCE TUNING cloud using a GUID CODE (purchased here).

      We have a great deal of information and videos in our technical section on the Air Force Software and Booster ECU (also on our youtube channel).

      TESTING INFORMATION (linked above also)

      All of our testing information is located HERE.

      This includes Dyno testing, AFR testing, and acceleration testing with the Booster (also in video below).

      We plan to continue development on additional maps, as well as complete our current testing on the T5 engine for this exact setup.

      VAITRIX USA | VOLVO SPA | Performance Parts & Tuning| [email protected]

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      Is stock T6 that slow? This is the level of BMW 330i. Giulia SuperVeloce with 280 PS accelerates to 62 mph in 5,2, so your tuning also does not make this car a real competitor.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Piotrunho View Post
      Is stock T6 that slow? This is the level of BMW 330i. Giulia SuperVeloce with 280 PS accelerates to 62 mph in 5,2, so your tuning also does not make this car a real competitor.
      The goal was to show real world gains, the deltas are what's important. The stock time we got is just that, the stock time, real world.

      The Giulia is lighter than the S60, and has a ZF transmission (it's just better, shifts faster and more effectively). It also runs more boost stock.

      We own a Giulia, and it's not 5.2 to 62mph. Most owners are hard pressed to get below 5.8-5.9, only a rare few have done faster on stock tires.

      In 0-100mph, the S60 will outrun the Giulia. It has better output at higher speeds and the upper parts of the powerband.

      VAITRIX USA | VOLVO SPA | Performance Parts & Tuning| [email protected]

      Follow us:
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