2013 XC70 - Rear Windshield Washer
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      Question 2013 XC70 - Rear Windshield Washer

      So our rear windshield washer no longer pumps fluid.

      It started after we had some hail damage repair, and complained to the shop. They diagnosed it as the pump was going, since they were not responsible, said I would fix it later.

      Well the car was in for some other repairs and they swapped out the pump for us, the 2-in-1 that goes with the front pump.

      Well, it still doesn’t work.

      Is there something else I should be checking to help narrow down what is going on? Is there another pump somewhere else?

      I am 99% certain they dropped the headliner to fix the hail repair, not sure if there is anything routed in the roof that deals with that.

      Any help or insight is appreciated!

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      First, use a light gauge pin, and ream out the spray orifices at the top of the tailgate. If that doesn't work, you may want to pull back the headliner and check to see if the rubber tube got pinched off somewhere.

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