Mother's currently looking at buying a 2012 S60 1.6 Petrol Turbo with the Powershift 6 speed. Wanted my advice so I did a bit of research and I've read quite a few horror stories and class action lawsuits (Ford really dropped the ball on this one :facepalm) regarding the powershifts. From what I can gather however the dry clutch (DCT250?) powershifts are the bad ones but the wet clutch (DCT450?) are fine? Was wondering if anyone would be able to shine some light as to which powershift box the volvo's got cause I believe with Ford it was just diesel models that got the wet clutch.

Looked up an owners manual online and it says the MPS6, which i guess is what Volvo's calling it, takes 7.3L of fluid which doesn't sound particularly dry to me, but yeah wondering if anyone here actually had a solid answer on the matter.