That was a close one in the C70
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      That was a close one in the C70

      WOW. I come out of the Acme and something doesn’t seem right. I know I parked with enough room in the front. I walked around the front of the car and...

      The woman in the car was distraught. On the phone with car support(hold). She had started the car she tried to reverse and it rolled forward and stopped at my bumper. She couldn’t control it. The car wouldn’t start. She rolled down the window and it wouldn’t go back up.
      I pulled my car back and no damage at all. None. It was like the car was kissing mine. I thanked God and wished her good luck on her computerized car.

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      Lucky it didn't hit harder.

      About a year ago I had a similar situation. I was at work and one my employees parked in front of my car. We looked outside and suddenly realized are cars were now touching front to front.

      Went out to inspect and her rear bumper was all smashed. Someone backed into her car which them pushed it into my car. My license plate was a bit banged up but that's all.

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      Very lucky!
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