Forgive me if I post this in the wrong forum as I am new to the community.

In May 2019 I purchased a new 2018, yes 2018, Volvo V90 Cross Country T5 from a Volvo dealer in Pasadena. The car had 200 miles on the odometer. Buying process was excellent and I was really happy that I was able to get such a beautiful car. Fast forward two weeks...

After driving for two weeks, the automatic start stop feature randomly kicked on. To my surprise I did not even know was a feature on the car. I did some reading in the manual and realized that the dealer sold me the car with the battery for the start stop feature completely dead. I call the dealer, take it in, they completely replace that battery and I get the car back.

I turned the car back on and the entire boot up animation on the dashboard has completely changed which leads me to believe they also did a software update. So not only did they sell me the car with a dead battery, but also outdated software. Really disappointed that a supposed "luxury brand" would do something like this. Now fast forward to the fall...

The brakes on the Volvo start squealing like crazy. At this point the car has 4500 miles on it. I do some digging online and see that this is a recurring issue across most new Volvo. Yet another disappointment... Around this time the mechanism for the sunshade also starts making a grinding noise every time it is activated.

Now we are in December and the brake squeal is so bad that I'm worried it's actually damaging the brakes. I make an appointment, bring the car, and the service advisor sits me down and tells me that Volvo is aware of the issue and currently there is no fix. So you're telling me I spent $55,000 on a car that is just going to have squeaky brakes? I ask them to inspect the brakes for damage, they do and they're fine. I leave the dealership disappointed again. Fast forward to this morning on January 24...

I sit in my car and turn it on and the transmission light comes on. The car has 6600 miles on it.

So in the 7 months and 6600 miles I've had the car the secondary batter was replaced, software updated, the brakes squeal like there is no tomorrow (you should hear them in a parking garage), and now the transmission is acting up.

Do any other V90 owners have similar experiences?

I am beyond disappointed with this car especially with how much money it cost. My wife drives a Lexus and it is literally perfect in the three years she has owned it.