A Pillar Fabric replacement
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      A Pillar Fabric replacement

      So the fabric on the A Pillar has been dangling for some time now and well, since I could see it every time I drove, I fixed it.
      It was actually quite simple. I went to Joann's and found some vinyl that matched close enough to the interior. I removed the pillars and peeled off the old fabric. There was cloth/foam that also needed to be removed. Angle grinder with a wire wheel took it right off. Then some sandpaper to clean it up a bit. Permatex headliner glue, a heat gun and some patience they're both all done.
      Let me know what you guys think.

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      No pix?

      Actually, I can see how having the effects of Volvo's biodegradable adhesive dangling in front of you could get annoying.

      "New-to-me" V50 Back from the dead.

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