Focus AWD manual box?
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      Focus AWD manual box?

      Hi folks, I’ve read rumours that you can get a manual focus gearbox and that they actually used the awd box just without the collar and angle gear. Does anyone have info on this and how to find one? I want to manual convert my awd c30 but I need more info on what focus boxes I can use for this and what I need to add to the box to make it awd again. Awd manual Volvo boxes are rare in Australia. If anyone knows where I might be able to ship an awd manual Volvo box from I’m open to that option as well.

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      The only external difference between AWD/FWD boxes is the axle seal area casting, the AWD one has larger seal to accomodate the spline coupler. I can't see what Ford would have done to modify that for FWD, it makes no sense since they already have the FWD version at their disposal. I would expect the gearing & FD to be different for Ford applications, not so much the external casing.

      Did you try contacting VandSautoDismantlers in CA?

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