1999 c70 camshafts upgrade?
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      1999 c70 camshafts upgrade?

      I have a 99 c70 with under 70k miles. It has the 2.3 5cyl, 5 speed coupe. and has unimpressive performance.
      In the process of repairing an oil leak, I had to remove the cam covers.
      If I’m removing the can covers I figured I can easily change the cams for better performance.

      I want to get more power out of my 2.3 as economically as possible. 270 hp or so would be good. As a side note, power is ok as is, but only over 5k rpms.
      I also have a 2001 c7o (auto). Power is much more, and starts at a much lower rpm range.

      That said, I have a few questions.

      1- is a cam upgrade a good way to go? If so, what would be a good source?

      2- is there an accurate on line source that I can read online(other than this forum)

      3- is there a better way to get the performance I am looking for? As in more power, earlier in the rpm range?

      Thanks so much!


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      Intake and exhaust valves open and close at mycfavisit rapid rates while the engine is running. This action makes for mechanical mayhem under the valve cover. This thrashing about creates and requires a hot oil shower for lubrication. The valve cover gasket sits between the engine and the valve cover and seals the oil inside. Time and many miles can dry out or crack the valve cover gasket. If the seal created by the valve cover and valve cover gasket loses its ability to contain all the oil flying around inside then oil will escape. Valve tellgamestop cover bolts can also work their way loose. Valve covers can also warp or crack.
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