Copart 1999 V70R
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      Copart 1999 V70R

      So the pictured car was posted to Copart on Jan 28th at the Portland North yard with only 143k on the clock. The next morning while waiting on a snow plowing call, I use the Buy it now on it. The price you ask? $500. I couldn't freaking believe it. The cost of the car + buyer fee + virtual gate fee + virtual bid fee and my bank account is $820 lighter. My parents picked it up for me as they live across the river from Portland and I live in Montana. They have been looking it over because my dad is bored and is really interested in the car. According to the complementary AutoCheck, the car has only ever been in Portland, OR. It has had 3 owners and I am now the 4th. The first owner only owned it from 2/99 to 4/00. The second owner seemed to be an enthusiast or just someone that loved the car as the reported mileage was only about 10k/year from 2000-2013. In 10/13 the new owner drove it about the same but something happened in 2016-2017 as it hasn't been re-registered since. Considering the damage to the front, I imagine that she hit someone in the rear and never reported it to the insurance. There is not a mention of an accident on the AutoCheck and the title is clear. The car had to have been stored under a tree for some time due to the amount of sap/pitch on the paint. There are some oil leaks, the engine runs fine but ticks a little according to my mom(dad is legally deaf), there seems to be a little smoke from the exhaust, and the check engine light is on. If anyone in the Portland area knows the car or anything about it's history, feel free to comment. I'll be updating this as I get information until I get it and even after I get it back here. Parts that I know I need are an R front bumper in black, a hood, a core support, and I guess it is time to invest in a VIDA computer and box.

      Pictures are here:

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      Nice. Damage seems to be mostly cosmetic. New bumper isn’t too crazy. Lifter tick can be resolved. The amount you will spend, really depends on how nice you want to make it. Congrats!
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      Well done, nice Score !!!
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      I'm looking into a DICE box and VIDA. Where is a good place to get them?

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      Vida laptop off the classifides here, DICE off ebay, pick from the most sold listings
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