If you follow Formula One you’ve probably seen or read the announcement that Aston Martin is taking a team leadership role at Force India / Racing Point in 2021.

The article brought up two small things I didn’t know which I found interesting. One, Aston beat out a competing bid from Geely and two, Geely and Aston have a intermediary relationship through Mercedes Benz.

As I found out, Geely owns approximately 10% of Diamler, who is Mercedes Benz‘s parent company.

Three years ago Aston Martin’s road car division entered into a multi-year customer agreement with Mercedes wherein MB supplies Aston with engines, transmissions, electronics and infotainment systems (last gen’s Benz systems become the current gen Aston’s), and other sub components.

Given Volvo is such a small scale luxury producer relative to MB, it’s not a stretch to imagine there would be economy of scale efficiencies and cost savings through a combination of joint development and manufacturer of components and systems between Volvo and MB or even outright supplier agreements between the two.

With Geely’s 10% minority stake it would make spiriting along an agreement easier.
We all know Volvo is wed to the SPA architecture for the near future, but SPA 2 is under development, and to that end the future of Polestar, so it leaves me to wonder if we would see some MB parts and joint technical developments showing up in future Volvos?