'08 C30 T5 Auto - shift knob freely rotates
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      '08 C30 T5 Auto - shift knob freely rotates

      Hi all,

      The shift knob on my '08 C30 T5 auto can freely rotate 360 degrees. It seems to still work fine. Is this normal?

      I pulled it off and had a look and there didn't seem to be anything broken, although there was what looked to be a keyway on the selector rod (as seen at the end of this video) which I would imagine is designed to prevent this rotation?


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      I dont have an auto but I would not worry about it
      I have had shift knobs do this before when the inside grip gets loose they are usually plastic or rubber
      you can add an aftermarket shift knob will include new mounting hardware to stop rotating
      2008 Volvo C30 R-design red manual

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