How long do IPD control arms last?
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      How long do IPD control arms last?

      On my first P2, the original owner changed LCA bushings every 20k miles or so. Since then Iíve only used the IPD HD LCAs. Iím on my 3rd P2.

      I have a recent clunk in my front end that happens when accelerating off the line. I recently changed my axles, front suspension, tightened the end links, however clunk is still there. My IPD LCAís have around 50k on them. Are the bushings already worn? Per visual inspection, bushings seem fine, but itís harder to tell when looking at poly vs. rubber.

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      It all depends on where and how the car is driven. Get in there with a crow bar and see how much movement there is. Visual inspections are not very useful

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