NA Cam upgrade timing marks
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      NA Cam upgrade timing marks

      Wrapping up the NA cams upgrade on my S70. I’m a little nervous about starting her up. When i had the timing marks spot on, right in the middle there was no way i could get the timing belt on. It seems to have been off by about half a tooth on each side.

      Now I’ve adjusted the cams gear slightly and the belt was able to go on easily. The crank mark is right in the middle but the timing marks on the cam gears seems to be off a little. I am able to rotate the crank with minimal resistance. I never hit a spot where the crank feels stuck.

      Do you guys think I’m good? I can’t remember when i did the timing belt the first timing of the marks were right in the middle or not.

      The head is from another 98 turbo model, and was milled,not sure of it matters.
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      The NA intake cam has 7 degrees more duration and starts opening 4 degrees sooner. The NA exhaust cam has 3 degrees more duration and starts opening 2 degrees later. So to replicate the base turbo cam settings on NA cams you should retard the intake by 4 degrees and advance the exhaust by 5 degrees.
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