Any news of a V90 T8 headed stateside for 2021?
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      Any news of a V90 T8 headed stateside for 2021?

      Given that the S90 can be had in T8 guise, and the V90 T8 is sold in other markets, do you think there's any chance we could see a V90 T8 here as part of the mid-cycle refresh? My local dealers haven't a clue what Volvo is up to in 2021 for any of their cars; anyone else hearing of rumors from their dealerships?
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      Realistically I'd say no. It would cost too much to certify it for the US market for such few sales. Id be first in line to get a t8 V90CC

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      I wish!

      I don't think they'd need a separate certification from the S90, since the V90 is just a wagon version of the same car.

      But given the price and lackluster sales of the S90, I doubt they'd bring it here.
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      A V60 P* T8 model probably is cheaper than V90 T8... Just a tad smaller cargo space.

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      Every chassis/drivetrain combination requires separate certification. It doesn't matter that the S90 T8 is certified, the V90 is considered a different model and requires its own certifications.

      Considering the number of 90-series sedans/wagons sold, I'm surprised they offer as many models as they do.
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      ugghh I really hope so but I don't

      First because I ordered a V90 and I don't want to regret it lmao, Id MUCH prefer a T8 option.

      Second, that I was already worried that the lack of sales from the street V90 will just make them axe the option of getting a V90 altogether by 2021. I think the setup costs for the factory to get a US spec model made can't be that bad, it's really only the headlights, the mirrors, software and small stuff but it's still an extra cost Im sure.

      Im hoping that the SUV craze dies off soon Im over it... maybe wagons will come back. If Tesla made a wagon I think people would start looking at longroofs more
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      Quote Originally Posted by MvI_S60R View Post
      Im hoping that the SUV craze dies off soon Im over it... maybe wagons will come back. If Tesla made a wagon I think people would start looking at longroofs more
      We can hope, but I wouldn't bet on it. In our case the XC60 instead of the V60 is because of old, creaky knees. Getting in and out of our V70 is hard enough, the V60 is lower still. The V60CC isn't available as a PHEV and I'm not sure that it's tall enough either (we didn't investigate since it had already failed a primary check.) We would have preferred a wagon if it had fit the bill, but the XC60 looks mostly like a jacked up wagon so I suppose I can live with it.

      A lot of people seem to be going for SUVs out of self-defense because others are as well, which perpetuates the problem.
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