New Member Diving Right IN !!!
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      New Member Diving Right IN !!!

      hey ya'll new member here, just wanted to introduce myself since i cant find the introduction page again. im anthony from northeast ohio area usa, not new to building cars and have some knowledge i can share.
      ive bagged and dropped s10s, motor swapped and built ls motors, i built eclipses for like 9 years and raced and dragged the 4g63T cars and ect ect ect..

      First volvo and im a bit excited. Found a 2011 c30 t5 2.5t 6spd for $800. what a deal right. ok ok the kicker is i bought it with a blown motor, timing belt snapped. i just got it about a week ago but what a deal right..!! im a bit excited about the car. even just sitting in it is fun. ive never even drove a volvo yet itself so this seems fun. ive been doing and keep doin research on these cars and motors and electric ect ect. im hoping to pull the head this weekend see what the damage atually is. im hoping, fingers crossed nothings horrible and can fix som things instead of doin a motor replace but eventually im going to be buying a motor on the side to build while i get to drive around the car. its going to be a summer car, beat on and race, drive on the street, performance type of thing and see where it leads to. my first nit of a newer car to build with all the fancy electronics some some learning curve there but everything is pretty straight forward.

      i still have some learning to do on this forum on how it works and searching so bare with me as well
      some of the stuff im getting into learning now is the motor itself, i see its a B5254T7 engine and a simple wiki search explained everything. a 7th generation of the 2.5t motor. and it only shows 3 other cars with the 7th gen motor in them.

      One of my first questions i guess is of all the 2.5t motors and its generations. are any of them capable of swapping internals/externals? i havent been able to find via google web search (havent searched the forum yet) is specs on internals and ect ect.

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      The other three cars with the same engine are the S40, V50 and C70. Basically the sedan, wagon and convertible variant of the same car. The other engine that is essentially the same as yours is the B5254T3 that came in the pre-facelift (2004.5 - 2007) S40s and V50s.

      I don't think there any physical difference but I know the 7 produces 10 more HP. It's been discussed before so I'd definitely use the search bar and focus on the S40/V50 sub forum.

      For a lot of these questions, I'd actually post them there since we get a lot more traffic than here.

      Good luck with your build!

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