Overseas Delivery Questions
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      Overseas Delivery Questions

      Dear Forum Members,
      I am considering the OSD option of getting the 2020 XC60 and have couple of questions to folks who did or familiar with OSD.

      1. Does the non-refundable initial amount of $3000 counted against the final cost of a car?

      2. During the visit to Sweden, do you have to drive the car and for how long (they even offering Swedish license plates and 2 weeks car insurance) or can you return the car for shipment the same day?

      3. Can you buy some accessories at the factory and does it make sense to do?

      I would appreciate your answers as well as some tips or advices on this process. Also, if you can please indicate if you were happy with this experience, what to avoid, whether OSD is worth doing, etc.

      Thank you for your inputs

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      1 Yes, of course

      2. It’s purely up to you. Some folks put a lot of miles on theirs, some look at it, smile, and hand the keys back.

      3. Yes, you can. If it makes sense is your call.

      We loved the experience! Suggest only working with a salesperson experienced with OSD. Bob Kennedy who contributes here would be a good starting point.

      There is a forum dedicated to OSD. I would suggest you read the posts there and ask questions.
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      Yes the money you put down goes towards the final price,. You can turn the car in after accepting, you can even drive the "test track" out front... You get red tags that are yours to keep as well as two weeks of insurance. Accessories are discounted and can be purchased on site.

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      You can purchase longer insurance if plan to drive more than two weeks before returning the car.

      I am not sure if 2020 XC60 is still available for OSD though, as 2021 model is coming out late April. It also depreciates almost one year later than a 2020 car.

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      OSD is the best! I wish I could justify another one. Go on over to the OSD forum and find everything you need to know.


      As above your deposit is applied to your fixed sales price. Have you found the pricing page yet? Here it is:


      It takes a long time for the process. So don't sell your daily driver yet. And do find an experienced salesman. There are some recent changes and it will help if you both aren't doing this the first time. i think i heard half the OSD people don't drive it away. And the test track is a little inside joke. Our delivery woman said they are supposed to call it "test track". She laughed. It's a strip of asphalt by the parking lot. LOL Frankly unless we were going to stay in Sweden I would drop the car at the factory. The trains are great. And a car in the bigger cities are a hassle
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      Thank you everyone for your inputs, advices and links.

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      Can you drop off the car for transit to North America
      In other countries, France for instance?

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      Volvo Drop Off Centers and Charges (Euros)*

      XC40, XC60 and XC90 **
      Location Drop Off Fee Drop Off Fee

      Amsterdam, Netherlands 466 548 **
      Antwerp, Belgium 689 689
      Antwerp, Belgium 689 689
      Frankfurt, Germany 390 442 **
      Goteborg, Sweden FREE FREE
      Hamburg, Germany 315 350 **
      London, United Kingdom 765 765
      Madrid, Spain 937 937
      Munich, Germany 473 541 **
      Nice, France 1290 1290
      Paris, France 909 909

      * The charges above are in Euros. These fees are valid as of April 4, 2018 and are subject to change without notice.

      ** Because of space limitations the drop off fees for an XC40, XC60 or XC90 are more at these locations.

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      Quote Originally Posted by timlocke View Post
      Can you drop off the car for transit to North America
      In other countries, France for instance?

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      Besides this link: https://forums.swedespeed.com/forumd...Delivery-Forum

      you can review : http://www.flyvolvo.com/index.htm for answers to many questions.

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      Read the entire OSD forum. Ours was a lifetime trip as the weather was perfect (not a cloud in the sky for 3 full days of tooling around), our schedule was easy (did one of the recommended tour things), and was knowledgeable about the process, which made for no stress.
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