Uhaul tow hitch
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    Thread: Uhaul tow hitch

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      Uhaul tow hitch

      Has anyone here installed a uhaul tow hitch either on an
      XC40 or any other vehicle? I'm looking to get one and would love some feedback.

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      I installed a Curt hitch on my V50 and it was easy and worth every penny. I wouldn't trust my go-kart with a U-Haul "tech," so unless you're planning to install it yourself, I would avoid having them hack on your car. Just my $.02!

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      2008 S40 2.4i - hers


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      Stealth Hitch (best, IMO) or OEM hitch.

      You'll need the OEM tow module and programming, regardless.
      OSD '18 XC60 T8 Momentum - 22" 10-spoke wheels, lowered air suspension, strut tower bar, Stealth hitch

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      My parents got one for their 850 sometime between 97-99 in Georgia and it was still functional and not rusted through when I sold the car in 2017. But I personally would try to see how it installs. If its bolted in, then I'd probably just do it myself so I know its done right.
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      If you are only using it for a bike rack, you don't need the wiring harness or computer update.

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