09 xc90 v8 coil codes on cylinders 2,3,5,8
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      09 xc90 v8 coil codes on cylinders 2,3,5,8

      Long story short - I was going after an 09 xc90 v8 in nice shape from a used dealer - but the valve covers were leaking. The dealer said they would do the gaskets before I took the car - 4 months later still waiting for the car. They did a terrible job on the Valve cover gaskets and only replaces the actual valve cover gaskets, and not one other gasket along the way. They ended up causing a misfire in tthe work that they did and have since taken things apart the 4 times replacing misc hoses (PCV, intake) along the way and have not been able solve the misfire and gave up. I stopped by to read it with VIDA and got codes for Primary/Secondary coil pack circuit failures for cylinders 2,3,5,8. I looked briefly at the grounds and things seems ok - but it was clear they did a very sloppy job on the repair. Things will bent, pulled, missing bolts.

      I am at the point where I may ahve to walk away for the car because they ruined it and left it with a can of worms.

      Does anyone know what could be a cause for the coil circuit failure for those cylinders - they are all over the engine so I didnt think they could have just messed up those grounds.
      All of the coils and plugs were changed before they started the valve cover work so I ruled out bad coils - and its unlikely 4 failed just like that. Is there any relation between the coils on those 4 cylinders.


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      I had broken clips on my injector harness. Some idiot had butchered them before.
      After I changed my plugs, the problem reared its head despite me not touching the injectors (something just came loose).
      I find it all depends on how the car is running. If it has an obvious misfire you have to listen and feel to try and see if it is a fuel issue, spark issue or other problem.

      If the exhaust smells like fuel, its probably a spark issue. If the exhaust is different temperatures across cylinders that could help identify issues.

      It can only be so many issues:
      They either messed the grounds up (need to check with a multimeter, degrease the area and clean connections).
      Coils went bad (need replacing)
      They broke the harness in general (need replacing)
      The injector's aren't connected properly or the harness is buggered.
      PCV hosing/various vacuum stuff connected the wrong way could cause issues
      The spark plug holes could be full of oil and the plugs aren't making contact (also likely if they did a terrible job of changing the gaskets).

      Ultimately it's about the price. If the car was $6k I'd persevere (In Australia they range from 6-25,000$). If it was a 15-20,000 car I'd walk away as most clips and wires have been ir-repairably damaged by these monkeys.

      The whole car is incredibly fragile, if it is worked on by anyone other than a Volvo/Euro tech, they are guaranteed to break and mess everything up.

      I just sold a set of good coils on ebay for $50 USD, Sorry!

      I have an aftermarket set of ProParts Sweden coilpacks and can attest that they work 100% perfectly, no dramas. I sourced mine from AutoHausAZ.com

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      Buy harness at dave burton or in Holland like I made for my 2.5t and its simple job to change it. The quality of this harness
      is damaged by covered plastic and under is high temperature. Of course plastic will degrade by time. Common problem that
      VCC never solved. They dont care to put more quality high temperature plastic. After few years if you move clips all will snap.
      If you want step by step and drawings for V8 tell me...
      XC90 2.5T VOR AWD 2006 320.000 km
      Proudly GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS and VOR XC90 2.5t Nr. 615 from 1574 Volvo's 31.03.2019 UK
      + 5704 km longest distance traveled to #Volvo600 UK meeting.

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