New C30 Owner. Need some help
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      New C30 Owner. Need some help

      So Im a new C30 2.0 Owner. My 10th volvo but 1st P1 car. It has tons of new parts and recent maintenance but a few things are concerning which is why I paid very little for it.

      1. Horn doesnt work. I can hear the relay clicking when I push the horn but no sound at all. Common issue? How would I diagnose it?

      2. No sound coming from drivers side dynaudio speakers and yes ive messed with the fader and still not a sound.

      Ive checked all the fuses, car has a new battery.

      Anyone have any ideas? Links? Things to try?

      Im also looking for any aftermarket parts, front lips, wheels, intakes, exhaust, ect

      Thanks for the help!

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      C30 Crew is a pretty good resource to help you out.
      Rapid Rick...I roll
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      Welcome to C30 ownership!

      1. Not necessarily a common problem, but with the horns sitting right in the front grille, it's likely that water has gotten into them and caused them to fail. Volvo made little water shields for them, but these were only sold in a few regions.

      The horns are easy to access by pulling the front bumper off, which takes about 15 minutes for a first timer or 3 minutes if you've done it a few times before. Use a volt meter for find another horn to test if they work. Great time to upgrade to supertones or something.

      2. All left speakers are out, or just the door?
      If it's all left speakers, it may be a connection issue with the amp, which is located behind the rear passenger speaker. Kind of a pain to access.

      If it's the door, clean the door harness connector.

      3. Aftermarket parts depend on how you want to build your car.

      The V2.0/Rdesign is about as good as it gets for a front lip. There are a few aftermarket splitter options and one company does make an aftermarket front lip, but they are overseas and quality is questionable.

      For wheels, go with 17x8 or 18x8 for optimal performance. Find something that appeals to you, make sure it's not ridiculously heavy, and don't buy replicas.

      The stock air box is the best intake you can get, as it's a true cold air intake. Upgrade to a high flow filter and upgrade the upper intake pipe that leads between the MAF and turbo and you'll have an intake setup that is optimal for an K04 or K16 build.

      There are a "lot" of exhaust options. Side by side comparisons are here:

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      So some developments today..

      The horn relay clicks when depressed. The horn wires also have power when depressed. I took the grille out and test the wiring. What else can I do to diag?

      With the left side speakers, its only the ones in the door. The rest seem to be working fine.

      Im going to try and clean the harness.

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      If the wires to the horns have power when pressed, then the horns are defunct, as MNIWT pointed out

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      I have a spare 6 disc changer/headunit and Amplifier if you need one. Sell them cheap!

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