What to look for on a used v40
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      What to look for on a used v40

      Hi guys,

      I am about to purchase a 2016 v40 d3 r design. Do you guys know any specific things to look out for that may come to bite in the near future? The car has 108000 km.

      It also has crack across a panoramic sunroof from side to side. If there is no leak through this crack, is it something that will be normal to live with or must I make a big issue it?

      Another thing I'm struggling to look past is a chip on the rim. Looks like the previous driver hit a pothole badly. I fear that there could be a crack through this wheel.

      I was also told by the sales guy that this car had been in an minor accident (bump) in the rear. Obviously I can't see anything now because it has been repaired already. Maybe that's how the wheel got damaged.

      Other than that the car looks and drives fantastic. Are the above issues enough to just walk away from this car (it's reasonably priced (roughly 16000USD) considering the above) or should I work/negotiate with the dealer to fix them? It is sold by franchise Volvo dealer and there is no manufacturers warranty left on it.

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      Post What to Check

      I recently bought a T4 V40, did a lot of research online, talked to friends that owned similar models and got to chat with a mechanic of a nearby volvo dealership about what i should be investigating, my (non-exhaustive) checklist goes as following:

      -All Door Locks - Prior to 2015/2, these used to break quite often and are a pain to fix, especially when the door is lock shut.
      -Ford Bits - Engine and Powershift transmission mostly, these supposedly are more delicate than VEA engines and Geartronics. If the car has a Ford drivetrain then double check that everything runs smoothly.
      -EGR Valves on diesels - There are several reports of the EGR valve getting blocked up over time, have in mind that this is not a cheap fix later on, the main symptoms that you should look for are lack of power and weak acceleration.
      -Maintenance History - This applies to every car from every manufacturer, but still is very important to check if the previous owner has mantained the car properly, as per the owner's manual. Some might argue about when to change what but if you are no engineer/mechanic that has a deep understanding of Volvo's, take the manual at face value...

      Personally, i would look for a replacement wheel, but if it is just a chip it most likely can be repaired. Have in mind that this might be a safety issue...
      Can't help you with the sunroof as my own doesn't have it. That's something that you'll look and remember ever so often, so try to negotiate a discount over it.

      Have fun with your V40, it is a great car!!

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