Heater not working
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      Question Heater not working

      I have a 2013 R design S60.
      I recently realized the heater is not working properly. The heat coming out of the vent, driver's, passenger's, in the middle, whatever are so weak in terms of strength. The temperature was somewhat warm though.
      When I set the temp HI and turned on the blower to its maximum strength, I hear the air blowing sound but can't feel anything from the vent.
      Luckily, the defroster and vents above dashboard were still working, had enough power and warmth eventually warmed up everything so I just had to tolerate coldness for a bit so it was not really big a problem.
      Now I want to fix this, and I thought it was a thermostat or blow motor/ resistor probelm. But I just found out that A/C is working perfectly fine in terms of temperature and strength. It automatically changes temp/strength according to outside temp, so I guess it's not about the blower motor/resistor nor thermostat.

      What else I could possibly think of?

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      This may help you, or it may not. My 2005 S60 had good A/C function, plenty of cold air, but the heater was slow to warm the interior. This condition persisted for a year or two, but since I live in Fort Worth, Texas, the lack of robust heat was not a big problem. Finally a bearing went out on the A/C compressor, and I had to get the system pumped dry, remove the compressor, and get if repaired. In addition to finding a bad bearing, the A/C clutch was not working properly, and very likely the A/C was always on, as a result. When the A/C was assembled and filled with refrigerant, it worked perfectly, and quietly. With the electric clutch working properly, I now had more heat, and it became much easier to warm the cabin rapidly.

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