B18 connecting rods. Does anyone stock them ?
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      B18 connecting rods. Does anyone stock them ?

      The machinist taking car of my engine showed me that the bushing at the wrist pin of one of my connecting rods has spun, sometime in the past. It comes right out. It should be a press fit. By the wear, it looks like the bushing has spun for awhile. He's suggested I get another connecting rod or we machine it slightly and press in a bushing from a Toyota, to get the inside size the same as the other connecting rods. I'd like to find a new one, if I can. If not, I'll tell him to go ahead with the modification.

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      Not that I know of. Machining a new bushing would be just fine. Your machinist will know how to size the hole for a press fit and ream the new bushing to size for your wrist pin.
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      The machinist just tool a very small off the flat surfaces, where the screws go, so the circle was very slightly smaller, and rebored the circle to the stock size.

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      That's the procedure for the "big-end" bearings. The wrist pin is at the other end, at the piston, and requires a press fit and reaming as Lesky refers to.
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