M66 2004 Volvo S60 R questions.
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      M66 2004 Volvo S60 R shifting problems.

      I'm curious when I rev the motor out to at least 5k rpm for a couple shifts say 3rd to 4th and then 4th to 5th, the clutch pedal will get stiff for a couple second then return to normal.
      Also I've been having trouble with shifting in cold weather, if its below 50 degree out side then the shifting feels notchy, all though there is no grinding or any other problems with the clutch. The clutch releases fine, and doesn't do anything weird. I replaced the tranny fluid about 3 weeks ago from Red line, to OEM Volvo gear oil. The problem started around December, but during warmer days it shifts like butter, no notchyness. the problem is intermittent though on colder days once the tranny warms up, seems like an hour of drive time around town the problem goes away. I went to the hydraulic fluid line on the tranny with the bleeder valve and injected the brake fluid to force bubbles out, and during cold weather its still the same. I don't think the syncros are bad because the m66 shifts smooth once warmed. I just don't understand I also replaced the lower tranny mount with the IPD Billet aluminum one, and bleed all the brake fluid with new. Any help is appreciated!!
      -Car has 131,000 miles on it.
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      The shifting in cold weather issue has been covered in a few threads. Volvo released a fix for it at some point which is to lube the transmission input shaft with Volvo spline grease. I just did this when I put in a new clutch and single mass flywheel this past summer and it improved this issue substantially.

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      Shock load limiter:



      I'm having the same problem now that my car is making more power than stock.
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