Code 400c
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    Thread: Code 400c

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      Code 400c

      Volvo DTC ECM-400C

      The diagnostic trouble*code*(DTC) is stored if the efficiency of the three-way catalytic converter (TWC) deviates too much. The diagnostic trouble*code*(DTC) is diagnosed when driving under specific driving conditions. ... Damaged catalytic converter.

      Anyone experience this and what wss done to remedy this problem of engine light staying on as a result of this problem on S40 T5 2006?

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      Um, maybe it's the catalytic converter?

      Seriously, if you're looking to avoid replacing that, you might try replacing the rear O2 sensor, which will have to be replaced anyway since it's 99.9% likely to be destroyed when removing it from the 15yo cat. After that doesn't fix it, you'll be able to swap it over.
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