I am having problems with accelerating at ¾ to full throttle with my sport mode engaged. My 2016 XC60 (3.0l turbo) has a bad shutter for about 2 seconds and then responds with the turbo engaged. The turbo works normally at freeway speeds (40-70mph) and responds well with no shudder with the sport-mode not engaged, at all speeds. I have taken my Volvo to the dealership and they can’t seem to find the problem and I have all the current software updates. I have flushed all my fluids recently as well (transmission, Haldex, differential). I am thinking there is something wrong with my turbo and noticed some oil leakage at the bottom of the turbo when changing my motor oil.

I am considering to change out my turbo Compressor recirculating valve and turbo wastegate actuator with the upgrade products from Elevate Volvo.


Has any had this problem and what can be done to correct it?

Any help would be appreciated!