S60 Wireless Charging Behind Waterfall - Attempted?
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      Lightbulb S60 Wireless Charging Behind Waterfall - Attempted?

      Just sending this out to see if anyone has attempted installing Qi charging behind the waterfall.
      That section where you can put your wallet or stuff you want stored out of sight?

      My iphone X lays flat on the existing rubber pad.

      If no one has, I may be interested in mocking something up with a spare waterfall dash part.

      Granted the phone would be out of sight... but that's probably a GOOD thing for most drivers I see, on their phones, while driving.

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      See if you can mock one up, I thought I read somewhere about one in the cupholder, but behind the waterfall on that flat piece would be ideal. I'd certainly be interested in one for my Note 10+ if I could get it to fit, currently I just put the phone in the armrest but it would make nice use of that space to put the phone back there and have it charging.

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      I was recently thinking about that or maybe just a 12V port or USB plugs back there so I could cap the 12V outlet by the cupholders and keep that area cord free.

      On further thought, I would be fine with just tapping the existing wiring to a second 12V outlet behind the waterfall and use that as the primary power source. This would be nice because
      1) Keeps the cupholders cord free, as mentioned
      2) significantly reduced risk of spilling into the outlet if it's capped
      3) I can just tuck the cords behind the waterfall - which I never really use - when not in use.

      That would still leave the cupholder one available, if necessary, as well as the backseat outlet.
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      Before you install anything back there, remember that the manual override for the transmission selector is underneath that pad. As long as it can be removed with the pad, it should be fine to work with. Having a dead battery/electrical system and no way to pull it out of park is a real nightmare.

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      I've done it - a cheapo $4 (£3) charger pad from ebay, a new thin but stiff replacement for the rubber plate, painted black with a rubberised spray, and stick the pads along with the USB power connector to the underneath. Get a 12v cigarette lighter to USB adapter, and dismantle it enough to get a gnd and a 12v wire coming out of the cigarette plug, and connect them into the plug on the underneath of the cigarette socket in the centre console. easy peasy !!
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