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      Marketing folks have a "Net Promoter Score" to assess brand experience. This metric compartmentalizes customers that would actively detract future buyers from considering the brand from those that would promote the brand. It sounds like Volvo set expectations with BigBang, took his money, and subsequently underdelivered. So now he has become a detractor. The easiest way for him to do his detracting is on a forum where prospective Volvo buyers ask for advice before pulling the trigger on a purchase.

      If you're a promoter of Volvo, I'm sure having BigBang around is frustrating since he's not on the Bandwagon. But as he says - you can just ignore him.

      Personally, I feel a bit slighted by Volvo as well; in terms that they purport to be a luxury brand but act the same as a more budget option in terms of their sales experience. So if there's a prospective buyer out there looking at Volvo as a great leap forward from a lower price-class, I think they should look elsewhere if they prioritize the white-glove luxury aspect. I don't think Volvo goes out of the way to make you feel warm and fuzzy as a new luxury car owner. Being told to "RTFM" is the attitude you get from the lesser brands. Higher end car companies want to on-board customers in a better way.

      Volvo's primary strength is safety. They have more standard active and passive safety features than any brand outside of Tesla. Unfortunately, for some owners here Volvo's active safety tech is starting to become unreliable. That basically nixes one of the major benefits of the brand. At that point, it seems difficult to recommend Volvo as the right investment to anyone when there are other options out there.
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