Rear Hatch foot sensor reset?
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      Rear Hatch foot sensor reset?

      Is there such a thing? My rear hatch doesn't respond to my foot wave any longer ...
      Is there a way to reset it? Can't find anything in the forum.


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      I'm not aware of any owner-controlled function to reset the foot wave function alone -- only the method to change max height the hatch opens to.

      FWIW, I think the whole foot wave design is overly touchy... The first few days after delivery I could almost never get it to work, then I went through a period when it worked fairly consistently once I thought I had found the secret spot and secret speed required for the foot wave (too long under there and it won't go off). For the past month it's not worked once the few times I've tried to use it. I have relegated it to being a novelty I try when I want a chuckle and perhaps a surprise if it works for me, but mainly just use the button above the license plate to open the hatch from the rear. Some other owners here appear to have figured-out the trick a lot better than I have -- and I remain envious, but then again, I never was very good at most sports.

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      I could never get mine to work consistently until I read a tip about proximity to the rear of the car. If you stand too close to the hatch when you do your kick, it won't open lest it hit you on the way up. Take a step back from your normal position and try it again and see if it works. It's more about how close you are to the rear than the timing of the kick. Good luck.
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      Mine works consistently and then some. There's times where I walk around the back of the car in my garage and it triggers.
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      I have the aero kit and I have to physically kick the driver side rear tire.

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