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      Member chinaonnitrous1's Avatar
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      Nov 2003
      Left Coast
      Throwing this in here as someone bought the Atacama...if anyone has V70r Rear Nordkap carpets, seats / seatbelt let me know!
      Stock 2004 S60r
      Totalled: Stock 1991 Toyota Mr2 w/ 309k miles.
      Current: Turbo 1991 Mr2 w/ 220k Miles & 2013 Scion Iq

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      Los Angeles
      Yeah local guy a no go. PM sent again, lol..
      ‘07 S60 2.5T

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      May 2018
      Headlights still available

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      Junior Member Morpheus's Avatar
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      Mar 2011
      Orlando, FL
      How much for the M66?
      2007 S60R TF-80SC Sapphire/Nordkap - TME Springs / IPD Subframe Inserts / do88 IC
      2012 XC60 T6 Platinum / Polestar

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      Aug 2009
      Tulsa, OK
      Only passenger side light left.

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      2006 Passion Red S60R
      Packages: Premium, Climate Options: Sport Appearance Package, 18" Pegs, 6Spd Geartronic, Navigation
      Accessories: Sunglasses holder, Sirius Radio, Volvo Digital Jukebox Mods:SS DEM Mod
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      Jun 2020
      steering angle sensor in the VR? looking for specifically part number 31313083

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      Member FORD420diesel's Avatar
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      May 2004
      NoVA (DC Area)
      Looking for a few parts, prices with shipping to 22033:
      1. 1x 18" Peg without bends / cracks (want a full size spare; I have a tire for it)
      2. V-band style compressor housing (converting my 06 to the aluminum OTE pipe)
      3. OBD-II flip cover thing (missing on my VR)
      4. Steering shaft bearing (littlw guy, down under the rubber boot on the floorboard; mine is missing, long story lol)
      5. Electric silver drivers door without door dings (yeah, this one's a big reach and i know it)

      2005 S60R - For sale
      2006 V70R - Elec Silver/Nord, 6MT Goodies: Bone friggin' stock!
      "It must be made to look the best and most evil in its evilness" - Helmutt Ranff

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