Toiuch Up Paint??
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      Touch Up Paint??

      Hey all,

      So, today I opened my driver door, and scraped the bottom corner of the door on an unusually tall curb.

      The damage is not really visible, but it has scraped the paint off on the very bottom corner, so I am concerned that over time it may rust.

      What would you guys recommend for touch up paint? Do they have those easy all in one pens with clear coat and color in one? I'm looking for easy application, and am open to suggestions.

      Does Volvo even sell their own anymore? I had heard that they discontinued all of their branded "chemicals" like greases, oils, paints, etc. Is this accurate?

      I appreciate any suggestions.

      (Ugh, editing does not seem to fix my typo in the title)
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      Yes from your local dealer, just give them your VIN.

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      Hard to match the maple brown, I found. Bought some brown paint from Paintscratch, which is usually my go-to source, and it was barely close.

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      Got some good Maple Brown from Scratches Happen on Amazon, clear coat too.....

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      steingold Volvo has it online too.

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      The Volvo touch up pencils are pure crap, water based junk. The spray is good. If you just need a brush on touch up buy from an aftermarket brand

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      I bought a touch up pencil kit from my Dealer. I have a 2018 S90 in Crystal White code 707. It is a 2 part kit with a color and a clear coat bottle. I use it on rock chips and similar on the front of my car. It works very well for me. The trick is to to start with the area clean and dry. Use just the very tip of the color brush to apply a small amount of paint into the chipped area without letting it spill beyond it. It should appear to be a bubble of paint that sticks up above the surface without spreading out of the defect. Let it dry and it will shrink down into the defect. You can the repeat it as many times (usually 3 or 4) until it is almost flush. Then apply the clear coat. Don't hurry. Let each coat dry completely before putting on the next one. I usually let it dry overnight between coats. The ambient temperature will vary the time it takes to dry.

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