Sidewall gouge on tire - Is it Safe?
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      Sidewall gouge on tire - Is it Safe?

      I just purchased a used 2017 SUV with around 39K miles on it. The fronts have 6/32, the backs have 4/32.

      I noticed one of the back tires has a gouge on the sidewall. When mentioning this to the salesperson, he had someone from service look at it and say it's safe since the belts are not showing. I'm not convinced, and actually have a week to return the car; even for this issue with the tire. I've attached a picture. Is this something to be concerned about?

      Additionally, one of the front tires has a plug in it. Is there a way for me to determine if it's patched from the inside without actually having the tire removed from the rim? I've had tires plugged AND patched from the inside, and the plug part usually is a solid piece of rubber that you can see on the outside of the tire (it sticks out less than 1/2 inch). The repair on my tire looks like one of those standard plugs that you can do yourself. The dealer's response is that the tier isn't losing air.

      Additionally, you'll notice two "lines" in the tread on the right. Has anyone seen this, and if so, what could cause that type of wear?

      Are these both things I should be concerned with? I've placed links to both tires in question

      Thanks everyone!

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      Back tire sidewall is ugly but looks OK for service; I've seen worse that have lasted a long time.

      No way to determine if the front tire has a patch on the inside of it that I am aware of, you would need to have it dismounted to make sure. That said, if it's holding pressure, you probably don't have much to worry about since it's in a channel and not on the tread. The lines in the tread... if I had to guess... we can probably assume that, since the tire has a plug in it, that it was run on low pressure and the squirm probably caused them.
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