Anyone know how to bypass CD CHARGER
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      Anyone know how to bypass CD CHARGER


      Does anyone know how to bypass the CD Charger?
      As soon as I unplug the fiberoptic, I have no more sound and the radio screen becomes blank.
      If I add a fiberoptic bypass (with CD Charger still electrically plugged in), I still have no sound.
      Anyone know how to bypass this crap so I can remove it? Thank you

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      You can't, it is not just a CD changer, it is the center of all radio functions. You can probably tuck it up inside the dash somewhere if you are looking to use the physical space it occupies for something else.

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      Is it the actual changer or the in-dash single play?
      Wasn't the changer an accessory, as well as having been part of some up-graded package? I don't know, and too lazy to look it up. It seems to me that if it could be an accessory, it's place in the loop could be defeated, possibly by studying the differences in wiring schematics between cars with and those without a changer. I know that communication networks don't like open nodes, in some cases.
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