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      2012 S60 T5 2.5l CAM QUESTION ON REBUILD

      Trying to find out the correct position for the Cams on Re Installation after have the Cylinder head and valves rebuilt
      after a timing belt failed and bent the valves.

      It is 2.5l that i am putting back together and have a question about the installation of the Intake and exhaust
      cams. before I install the Cam Locking tool and get ready to install the valve cover.

      I have the Engine on TDC with the Crank on the alignment mark, to the best of my research online it looks
      like the Intake cam should have the Numbers facing DOWN and the Exaust numbers UP.

      It this Correct?

      Don't want to install 180deg backwards and bend all the valves like a idiot after all this hard work on the rebuild
      I am on the home stretch.

      Also, Some web sites or youtube say to lay the CAMS in so the
      Intake has the Center Line For the Cam Locking Tool, Just above the Horizontal line of where the Top of the Cylinder Head
      meets the Cam Cover center line on drivers side
      Exhaust Cam drops in so the Horizontal line is Below the Center line.......

      FYI the Part number seem to be in the way one site said to set them.... Part Number on Intake CAM will be on the Bottom when it is
      sitting in the Cylinder Head

      Part number on the Exhaust Cam is on the TOP when placed in the Head.

      Also, Some engine rebuilds show people locking the Cams in on the Valve Cover and placing into the Block,

      Others show dropping Cams into the Cylinder head, Wiring down to the valv cover and Lcoking down...
      then Drop the Valve cover in and bolt down.

      Are Both Correct? seems it easier to just istall the Cam into the Head and pop the Cover on... Help needed....

      Weblinks or Photos would help also


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      Member mgm7890's Avatar
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      Nov 2013
      Are you talking the orientation of the cam pulleys? If so, they don't matter if it's a 2.5 T5.

      Just make a mark at TDC on both pulleys to help with timing belt jobs down the line.
      2005 S40 2.4i

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      Member mgm7890's Avatar
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      Nov 2013
      If you're talking about the actual cams, the locking slots on the back are off centered. The tool only goes in one way, so make sure they fit in the tools upright orientation.
      2005 S40 2.4i

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      No Not the Cam Pullyes, They have to be re aligned once the Gears go back on to the Timing marks on the Timing Cover.

      I's saying when I am Laying the CAM into the Cylinder Head......

      I see someone in a reply said the cam locking tool only goes one way so ill look again....

      Also needing advice about, Is it advised to put the cams into the Valve cover and install the locking tool or
      drop the Cams into the Head, put the Valve cover on install the tool and lock down....

      I see it done both ways on different rebuilds....

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      So I got it figured out,,,,,
      Put the Cams in the Top Cover..... Installed the Cam Locking Tool.
      The cams are Off Set.... so it can only go in One way....
      So the Cam Intake is Horizontal Key is Above the Cent Line between the Head Valve Head and the Cover
      The Cam Exhaust is below the Center line, The cam locking tool cant go on the other way due to the office set on the cams

      Will keep plugging on.... trying to finish up this week,,,, down for 3 months,,, was to be a nice reBuild Project to work on
      when I could... Now someone needs a Car to get to and from work with all this Virus Suff not much open or running....

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      Member mgm7890's Avatar
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      Nov 2013
      You should put the cams in their place first, then place the cover on them. Leave the locking tool lose to help the cover find it's home, so to speak.
      2005 S40 2.4i

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      Whatever you do, rotate the engine gently by hand for two complete revolutions before actually trying to start it to avoid an expensive mistake.

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