Volvo V50 Won't accelerate over 1200 rpm.
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      Question Volvo V50 Won't accelerate over 1200 rpm.

      After not using my volvo v50 2.0D (2006) a month, A strange probblem apperead.
      it won't accelerate over 1200 rpm no matter what. I have tried to clean the throttle body and the egr, but nothing have changed.
      I have a video:

      Any ideas. Solutions? Thank you!
      Ps: the last time i used everything was fine

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      Check all the vacuum lines, sounds like its having trouble breathing. Super strange that there is no codes yet, maybe try having an automotive shop do a diagnostic scan as well to make sure the ELM's not missing anything?
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      Diesel power never came to the US.
      But engines all need the same thing
      So if it idles and revs up a bit over idle, but then falls apart, I'd say fuel delivery issue. But again, diesel is not something I'm knowledgeable about

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      How cold is it whereyou live? You could have fuel gelling issue making you have a fuel delivery issue.

      Not to mention some diesels have a cold start limiter where you can't rev above a certain RPM until it warms up a little to prevent issues.
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      Step one: if it has a mechanical throttle cable, verify that you have full operation when the pedal is on the floor
      Step two: replace the fuel filter.
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