Okay, so to start things off I’m new to the Volvo community. I’ve done some minor work to my 2008 C30 T5 with the M66 tranny with 92k original miles. New PCV system, cold air intake. However, like many people, I really want to bring out the performance. Up and coming is exhaust, brakes, engine torque mount, etc. I already have a new clutch and the previous owner had the timing belt snap on him so the top end of the motor has been rebuilt.

Leading specifically into the brakes, I’d like to have a big brake kit. I was looking into getting the Wilwood kit by Elevate, but I heard getting new pads for them is a pain in the rear and Im really exploring my options. I was looking into the Mk3 Focus RS Brembo calipers for the front with the 347mm rotors. I have the 18 inch alloy Atreus wheels, which with some research I did I found that these wheels have a 50mm offset, or close to that. Is that enough to mount this? I know the RS has the same bolt pattern at 5x108 as the C30. Does it need spacers to fit directly? I was also looking at the P2R brembos. Has anyone mounted them on the P1 platform? How much work did it require?

Next, I have a question about engine performance specifically about the stock block. How much HP can I look at getting without digging deep into my pocket for forged internals and block reinforcement? Right now I’m just looking at getting a stage 1 tune for a catless downpipe, just a small step into the big ocean. But if anyone could help with that that would be great.

Thanks for any help I can get! I’m still new to swedespeed, so I hope this is the right forum!