P1 Platform Performance Questions
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      P1 Platform Performance Questions

      Hi there, I’m new to all of this so of course, I posted it in the wrong forum but I figured this one might be better haha!

      Anyways, getting down to business, I have a 2008 Volvo C30 T5 with the M66 manual transmission and 92k original miles. So far, I have replaced the PCV housing, cold air intake, front struts, front drivers side axle, new clutch, and the top of the motor has been rebuilt as the last owner had the timing belt snap and it was rebuilt at a reputable shop. I’m looking at getting some performance brakes, as well as a turboback exhaust (I know which one I want), a stage 1 tune for a catless downpipe, intercooler(know which one I want), and new inlet manifold.

      For the first question, I’d like to know a little more about brakes. So I was looking at getting the ones from Elevate, but people from other forums said they were a pain in the rear to get parts for if they break, and getting new pads is hard because you have to order them from Elevate or something. I’m really just exploring my options. Upon doing some more research, I found that the MK3 Focus RS has the same bolt pattern (5x108) as the C30. Could these brakes work?? I have the 18 inch Atreus Wheels, with the wheel offset that is said to be about 50mm. If I have to bend something out of the way that’s perfectly fine. I know these come on HUGE 347mm rotors as well. Do I need spacers? I was also looking into an eBay kit involving the P2R brakes, but I’m not so sure about buying using calipers.

      Next and final question is about engine performance. How far can you usually push these engines before pulling out some serious cash from my wallet and strengthening the block? (Probably via some shims.) I know you’d have to go with some forged rods and pistons. While I’m at it I’d get the K16 turbo lol. I’d like to get some performance for now without putting too much stress on the motor. I’m considering staying at around stage 1 or 2 for now if I can.
      Thanks for any help I can get!

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      First off, you might have better luck if you can move this over to the C30 discussion area.

      As far as brakes go, the RS will work but you need to drill the steering knuckle out for the larger bolts that the RS uses. One other option to consider is using Ceika, they are one of the few companies that make both a front and rear kit for the car and everything is directly bolt on. Another bolt on option is the Brembo calipers from a European E38 BMW. I would recommend hoping on over to C30crew if you have not already, there is a lot of good information about BBK's over there.

      Performance wise, I think you can get to about 300 Hp without needing to strengthen the block. This also does not require a larger turbo, but you will basically have every bolt on part possible. Check on Mynameideasweretaken for his thread. He has practially every bolt on part without a bigger turbo. He eventually broke his block but he also beat the heck out of it and was almost to 200k miles. And for what its worth, I see lots of good reviews about Shark tuning for going beyond stage 1.
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