Mazda Miata as a second car
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      Mazda Miata as a second car

      Any of you Volvo guys ever owned or now own a Miata? I am seriously playing with the idea of getting a Miata as a second car (my second car that is, Wife already has a Forester). I love the Volvo, quiet, comfortable, great sound system...but sometimes I think it might be fun to scoot around in a Roadster. But will I hate it? I feel safe driving the Volvo down I95 in Florida with all of the large trucks, and I have my windows tinted to protect me from the Sun, and will open the moon roof in the evenings for that more open road feel. But maybe because I now drive a Volvo instead of a BMW, I also am looking to drive, at times, something that is just fun. ....I've read rave reviews from Miata drivers but also those who hate the cars, primarily because of the noise and apparently, like motorcycles, they tend not to be seen on the road, I suppose which means you always have to drive very defensively. If I buy one, it would only be driven on day trips...doesn't seem very practical given its luggage limitations for anything longer.
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      I owned a NB Miata 2 years ago as a gap car between a BMW 550i and M2. Loved it. Great fun 2nd car, though I used it as a dd. A lot of cheap small things to fix, $5-$50 and time. Every time I stopped at a light, I looked in the rear view mirror ready to push the horn if the person behind me wasn't stopping. You get the picture.

      The ND is a better proposition.

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      I've owned several (NA, NBs) Miatas in btw (and during) Volvo P2/SPA ownership(s). Currently have a 10AE and actively looking for cheap MSMs while Americans are actively dying of covid.

      have you driven one?
      do you have kid(s)?
      are you sad Top Gun will be delayed further?

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      I've owned three different Miatae over the past 12 years - two NC's ('08 Sport, '13 Club) and a ND ('16 Club) currently and they are fabulous cars - lightweight, fun to drive, very efficient (38-40 mpg), and dead reliable. Mine typically only gets driven on weekends and on local roads, so maybe 2-2.5k miles a year - I wish I could drive it more but it's not a highway car for me (a little buzzy) and in this day of distracted drivers I'd rather have more car around me when I'm commuting. I can't say enough good things about them. I prefer the more minimalist Club version with the cloth seats and top, upgraded suspension, always a manual. Folks will complain that it's underpowered but for me it's got plenty of power - sometimes it's more fun to drive a slow car fast, etc.
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      I worked for Mazda US for about 6 years, and got to drive the NC and ND versions for a few weeks at a time. You'll be amazed at how fun 150hp-ish can be. I wouldn't be able to drive one daily, but it's perfect as a Fri~Sun fun car. All generation are great, but if you're looking for refinement, something that's well put together out of the box, the latest ND (with 181hp) is the way to go.

      The latest motor is already making good power (181hp), and the rest of the car is very refined. They're offering home test drives at certain Mazda dealerships, so you might consider requesting a home test drive if you haven't driven one before. Do a lease, that way you have the option to get out of it in 24 or 36 month if it doesn't suit you. If you'll be driving on the freeway, consider the hardtop.

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      Which generation of Miata are you looking to get?

      For the weekend or short get-away trips, the Miata is a great car! I have owned my 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata (turbo NB2) since 2011, and aside from basic maintenance this car has been great! Definitely stick with a manual transmission if you can. If you are looking at the ND, only the club (and only with manual) has a limited slip differential up to I want to say 2018. In 2019, the GT-S had the LSD, and in 2020 I believe the GT (manual) now has LSD. If you are thinking of daily driving the Miata, I would probably stick with the ND. And for the ND, try to get a 2019+. You will get the updated 2.0L with 181hp vs 155, and the updated manual transmission. If you intend to do any type of autocross, the updated trans will be important (the 2016s are particularly weak with the V1 trans).

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      My wife has a 2008 she bought new before the XC90. Wonderful car with great handling. Took it on Road Atlanta course at speed once. Wow do they stick and have great brakes for such a small car. 6 speed MT of course.


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      I have an NA Miata that I just turbocharged. It's a ton of fun and at any speed since it is so light and handles so well. The car is thoroughly modified and has been my project for the past couple of years. While my S60 Inscription is quiet and comfortable with massage seats and all the conveniences, the Miata is a stripped down roadster that is all about the driving experience. Driving duties get split three ways: 65% S60, 20% Audi S4 Avant (400whp), and 15% Miata.

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      Volvo + Miata

      I just picked up a 2016 MX-5 (club) to accompany my 2019 S60 T6 Inscription. Hopefully the pic loads! This is my second Miata (the first being a 1999 10AE). The newest generation is a serious work of art.
      It's seriously so much fun. Handles incredibly, and while it's a completely different animal than the Volvo, there are some really nice creature comforts in the way that the switches and interface work that are actually refreshing compared to the big touch screen in the Volvo. It also handles a serious amount of groceries in the deep trunk so it's good for quick trips - will even handle a 12 pack of Bounty Paper Towels! Highly recommend it!

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