Aftermarket Tailights
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      Aftermarket Tailights

      Hello everyone, I just bought a 1966 Volvo 122s and it needs work done to it. I found a great site with replacement trim, moulding, glass, and everything else I need. I was thinking of modernizing the car a little bit and adding LED brake lights to it or smoked out lenses. Is there a company that fabricates these parts?

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      You could always grab some LED bulbs, you don't necessarily have to replace the entire assembly. Just be sure to replace the turn signal relay with an LED compatible one or you'll have issues. I ran LED bulbs on my last 65 and just bought everything on Amazon.

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      Welcome to this forum, and congrats on your car!

      Taillight lenses are pretty model-specific, so I doubt if anyone offers non-standard or ""smoked out lenses" (and why you would EVER want to decrease the light output of those small lenses and decrease your visual signature is beyond me!). I would recommend addressing ALL multiple areas where in-line resistance in the Taillight fixture alone, will lead to voltage drops and decrease voltage, and brightness, on whatever Lamps you do install. Suggested reading:

      If you are going to try LED lamps in the Taillight fixtures, make sure you verify what they look like to other drivers, not just you standing next to the car (that's not where other drivers are located and need to be able to see them!).

      There is literally a world of experience and knowledge out there...most if not all common issues on the cars are well known and documented. I suggest you inform yourself before making unnecessary, sometimes costly, beginner mistakes. One of the very first things you should consider, and BEFORE breaking your first Ign Key, is installing a Momentary Start Switch, if not already present. See: and to go along with your LED Brake Lights, I suggest you consider installing an "early acting" Pedal Position Sensing Brake Light Switch. See:


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