New to this chapter and Swedespeed
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      New to this chapter and Swedespeed

      I live in Tempe and looking to get into a wagon in the next 10months. I really want a manual v70r but i’d be happy with an 850r that has had a manual swap. Not the most handy but willing to learn through the plethora of information here on the forums.

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      Thanks for joining the forum.. Good luck on finding your dream Volvo, it will be a fun trip for you. Your at the best place possible for all the information you need to make the right on which car to buy. Just start reading as much as you can. So when you do find a car you like. You will be ready to understand what issues the car has or future issues that will take some time and money too get you back on the road. Also get ready to get dirty working on the car. All the members here will help you as much as you can help your self. By that I mean don't be afraid to ask any questions (also send pics if you see issues). We all were new to these cars before, so being a rookie with a Volvo is a good thing (especially if your bringing the back to life, remember always start at Stage 0)

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