If PCV glove test is good, can you assume the PCV is in good shape?
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      If PCV glove test is good, can you assume the PCV is in good shape?

      Our 96 850 Turbo wagon is getting up there in mileage (now at 215k) and recently had the timing belt done. Runs great. It's been 110k miles since the last PCV service, and I have been checking the pressure at both the dipstick and the oil filler cap using the glove test. At both idle and revving the engine, the glove is sucked in pretty well. The car gets high quality synthetic high mileage oil every 4k miles or so.

      So, can I assume the PCV is ok based on the glove test? Could there be excessive pressure anywhere and still pass the glove test? Just want to be sure I'm not missing anything, given the mileage.
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      Sounds like youre good.
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      As long as the ports were cleaned out when the PCV was done and there isn't excessive oil consumption, it should be just fine. I wouldn't worry about it.
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      Check pressure under load, too. If good, carry on.
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