Volvo S60 R AWD a good buy?
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      Volvo S60 R AWD a good buy?

      Looking for some advice. Found a 2004 S60 R AWD manual shift for sale. Can anyone give me feedback on what to look out for and anything that I should check before making the purchase? Purchase price is $3000. Seller saying it will need new tranny soon. Thank you in advance


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      Volvo S60 R AWD a good buy?

      Do a little searching. There are many posts about this. As far as it needing a trans how does he know it’s that and why “soon”

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      What's the mileage and condition? Other problems? 4c suspension? Timing? Leaks?

      I'm also curious why it would need a new transmission or is the seller a little oblivious and mean a new clutch.

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      That's a loaded question.

      If you are unfamiliar with these cars, I would pass. These rarely needs trannys, clutch yes, but the trans do not go that often.

      -Breather box
      -4c suspension works - all settings
      -AWD works
      -Timing belt was done
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      You'll likely spend another 3000 getting it to stage 0. Just know what you're in for. Once you're finally done, something else will break. Lol.

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      16 year old car isn't a logical choice for most, comes down to what you're wanting it for so only you can answer the question. My opinion is there are far better options out there. I love my R but it's weight, balance, and 4C drag it down. Hoping the coilovers I picked up will sort some of it out but my hopes aren't too high and may end up dealing with warning messages.

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      Where are you located? I am going to be putting my '06 M66 up for sale soon.

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      Wow, Ron - that's looking good. OP: if you want a car someone has paid attention to, this is one. Bought neglected and now all buttoned for the next owner.
      Quote Originally Posted by youropeen View Post
      Where are you located? I am going to be putting my '06 M66 up for sale soon.
      "The Real IPD" - ZZZZZZZ's thread
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      I happily own a slushbox 2007 V70R. The first year of what is now 4 years and 80k of ownership I thought I had made a mistake. Once I replaced the horrible 4 C struts and quarantined the associated laggy awful firmware with Bilstein B6 on the stock springs and minimal fuss the car became a very solid reliable useful and a fun to drive purchase. As stated prior the manual transmissions rarely break and if they do you need another one as there are few if any parts available. If I was looking for a sports sedan I would look elsewhere- the front and rear suspensions have vastly different camber curves and don't like each other- there is little front travel and what there is of it is crashy and dorky. It is a 6/10th car. On the other hand the 5 banger makes ALLOT of torque bone stock, the AWD and chassis puter do thier gentle doling out of traction in slippery stuff, the seats are you guessed it divine, and it gallops a big stride down the highway burbling a happy song with great outward visibility. So for me it only makes sense in the form of a touring wagon/ute.
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