Following is information excerpted from a post I wrote on Autogeek's forum regarding the Hybrid Solutions line of products introduced by Turtle Wax as their high end line. The line has quickly gained popularity due to various youtube videos by professional detailers that compare the products to high end detailing products, and because of its ease of use and terrific value. I thought it might be helpful to cross-post the info here for those who are seeking a simple system for maintaining the finish of your Volvo at a minimal cost and minimal amount of time.

... Iím just some guy, an average guy trying to take care of my cars within my time and budget available. As an auto enthusiast over the years, I began to detail my own cars as a hobby. My first experience with premium products was when Zaino was introduced, and the cross-compatibility of these products greatly simplified the process. Over the years I began to migrate toward professional level products as forums like Autogeek brought exposure to the detailing community and its collective knowledge base, and also made professional level products more readily available.

I have experimented with various product lines including Zymol, Menzerna, Collinite, Ultima, Duragloss, Motherís, Meguiars, Carpro, Pinnacle, Optimum, and McKeeís. I still enjoy products from these various lines for specific needs. The advent of SiO2 or ceramic products I hoped would increase the life span of each detail, and I saw some improvement, but nothing drastic. To be fair to the products, I am not a professional, and lacking that knowledge and experience may not have used them optimally.

As time went on, I found myself with a family, more vehicles to maintain, and exponentially less time to do so.

So given my current life and time demands, I determined this protocol as a ideal goal for my vehicles and lifestyle:

  • Major detail and paint correction for each vehicle about once every 12-18 months.
  • Find a product if possible to revitalize the finish to be used as the surface effects begin to diminish in between major details.
  • Find a product that would assist with drying the vehicle and elimination of water spots.
  • Ideally, these products would be within the same product line, be cross-compatible with each other, and be suitable for a majority of the exterior surfaces.

Last fall, I started seeing the various videos on Turtle Wax Seal and Shine, and at such a low cost I had to try it. I found it to be extremely durable, and extremely easy to use. Then Turtle Wax introduced the further evolution of that technology in the Hybrid Solutions product line. I am finding that these products are really ideal for the goal I had established.

My initial experience with the Hybrid Ceramic products has been great.

  • Polish and Wax is very easy to use, provides very good correction for swirls and minor imperfections, and is amazing for what it does in a fairly short time working the product, and using a very minimal amount.
  • Spray Coating is simple to use. If you can use Windex, you can use this product. I have had minimal issues with streaking unless using too much product, or if the microfiber isnít turned often enough. With both this and the Polish and Wax, if I get any streaking or high spots, itís easy to deal with using a fresh microfiber, a damp cloth, and/or a bit of detailer.
  • 3-in-1 Detailer has been great to use for bugs, bird poop, or smudges in between washes. Itís even easier to use than the Spray Coating, and does a good job of penetrating surface contaminants. Spray on, wipe off.
  • Ceramic Wet Wax. The water is where I live is fairly hard, so I often need to use a drying aid or detailer after the wash and final rinse to deal with water spotting. The Wet Wax is great for this with the added benefit of adding more protection and refreshing the finish. The best part is it doesnít take any longer to apply the product that it does to dry the car.

Across the board with these products, less is more. A little bit goes a long way. This further adds to the value. I really like how the products can be used on all exterior surfaces, are exceptionally easy to use, and its application is forgiving and faster as a result. They give excellent results, and are very economical.

Hereís the protocol Iím following for each vehicle using products from the Turtle Wax Hybrid Ceramic line:

  • Initially do an in depth detail, thoroughly cleaning and decontaminating the vehicle, and addressing any specific need for more severe paint correction. Then use the Ceramic Polish and Wax to address the overall paint condition, correction of minor imperfections, and to establish a base line foundational finish.
  • After each wash, use Ceramic Wet Wax as a drying aid to both mitigate water spots and to renew and refresh the finish.
  • About every three months, or as needed, refresh the finish with Ceramic Spray Coating after washing and drying the vehicle.
  • As needed, address localized contamination and issues using the Ceramic 3-in-1 Detailer in between washings.

For my needs, this is a simple and economical vehicle care protocol that requires a minimal amount of time and effort.

The products are remarkably good, and approach if not equal the results from many premium products. The results may not equal the masterful work of a professional detailer. But for the time and budget I have available, and the methodology I like to use to care for my cars, the Turtle Wax Hybrid Ceramic line is a great fit. I often recommend them to my friends, and I think they are also a great solution for the typical hobbyist and enthusiast.I'll try to post in the future to document the longer term effect and experience with these products.