Hi All,

I need the help of the community here. I own a 2008 C30 1.6 diesel 109 BHP and after 3 years of ownership I doing a few light mods instead of selling the car as it drives and looks perfect.

I bought a racechip and when I looked at how to install it, it seems really simple, there is just one connector you need to use, the common rail fuel sensor.

The issue is after 2 hours of searching online there is nothing to advise on how to reach this sensor. The engine is the D4162T and from my initial investigation this sensor is behind the engine but underneath quite a few other components.

Do I need to jack the car up and install this from underneath or is there an easier way from the top?

Thank alot in advance guys, appreciate any help.

P.S. have PB coilovers on the way, if any are interested could give a review down the line.