TPMS 2016 vs 2013
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      TPMS 2016 vs 2013

      I recently purchased a set of 2016 xc70 wheels and installed them on my 2013. The TPMS system error warning is showing on the dash.
      From what I can tell, the TPMS are the same part numbers. I don’t have any reset tire sensor option under the My Car menu, so from what I have read it will learn the new sensors automatically.
      Is this right? We have driven the car multiple times since the tires were installed.

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      Which TPMS system do you have? Our 2016 has ABS-based TPMS with no in-wheel sensors like the older cars have.
      Easy way to tell is the older in-wheel sensors have rigid valve stems where the newer ABS-based system uses standard flexible rubber valve stems.
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      Thanks, that is what I was worried about- new wheels are definitely flexible. I will have to get some tmps at some point...

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