Polestar one Airbag.
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      Jan 2020
      I would like to replace my airbag for a Polestar one version.
      It looks like its the same shape.
      I gues the wiring should be the same.

      ( I have a 2019 S60 with Polestar Engineered package )

      I contacted Polestar. They are going to ask Sweden.

      But what do you guys think.
      Apart from if it fits and the costs.
      I think it will be a nice chance, also because of the polestar logo on the trunk etc.

      Gr Tom.
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      Assuming that it would fit and the cost is reasonable, I would only do it if Volvo approved the modification and it could be done at a Volvo dealer. That way, if something goes wrong down the road, you may still have product liability protections against Volvo. If they say yes, get it in writing from Volvo.

      As a side note, I tried to get my Chevy dealer to upgrade the steering wheel in my Suburban to a heated wheel. They (and all the other local dealers that I tried) refused because it would require the replacement of the clock spring as well and GM would not sign off on it. The replacement of the clock spring is necessary because it has the wire to power the heated wheel.
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      Nice! They surely should have instruction and parts to replace a faulty airbag on Polestar 1. They also should find a Volvo dealer willing to do this.

      But if it is about putting a Polestar parts on Volvo car, Volvo would not cover future warranty for it.

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      Its the same airbag, probably with Volvo part numbers on it. Only the cover is different.
      Same as seat vs cupra.
      I dont think they develope a whole new type of airbag.

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      If you do it make sure you have an authorized dealer do the swap. You don't want that liability on your head (literally).
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      Though I would surely assume it would not be authorized, it would look ever cooler to have the Polestar 2 Steering Wheel and Airbag cover... It is just an xc40 steering wheel and airbag cover after all so it would probably fit. Much sportier and more modern in my opinion. The leather wrapped cover of the P-1 is very nice though.

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      The Polestar 2 steering wheel is the same? I thought it was the same ( shape etc then the V60 / S60.
      The airbag is thicker that the Polestar one airbag. I know have the R design wheel.
      With the Polestar one cover it would be perfect for me.

      Polestar one has a leather airbag cover?
      I did not see that. It would be great though.

      Installing at Volvo of course.
      But i can also do it myself. Did a lot of airbag / steering wheel installations. Mostly on Audi and BMW.

      If volvo is willing to do it. Is that the best option indeed.:-)

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