2006 XC70 - Christmas :-/
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      2006 XC70 - Christmas :-/

      Dear all,

      So... my XC70 decided to mess with me a little - so far it is winning! :-D
      While driving away at traffic light, it freaked out.
      - Dials (spd and rpm) to zero.
      - Tranny to "-" and in limp mode (3rd gear or something?)
      - "Brake failure - stop safely" on the dash.

      Managed to keep going, clear some codes with OBD later on - and after a few attempts to turn off and start the car again it was all good for a bit.
      Then CEL came on: engine service needed - and when I parked in the garage - Immobilizer....

      OBDII gives codes:
      P0503 ABS sensor speed
      U0002 High Speed can error
      P0700 PCM transmssion failure
      P0863: Transmisssion comm failure
      P0600: Serial link error.

      I luckily have a VIDA/Dice:
      BCM-0065 Stop (brake) lamp switch Signal outside its
      permitted range
      BCM-0150 Stop (brake) lamp switch Signal outside its
      permitted range
      BCM-E000 Control module communication Faulty
      BCM-E003 Configuration fault Faulty configuration DTC is found active.
      CEM-DF13 CAN-H, high speed network Signal too high DTC is found active.
      CEM-1A5F Communication with BCM control module
      Signal missing
      CEM-1A61 Communication with TCM control module
      CEM-1A62 Communication with ECM control module
      Signal missing
      CEM-1A64 Communication with AOC control module
      Signal missing
      CEM-3F83 Immobilizer signal Signal too low DTC is found not active.
      CEM-DF16 CAN-L, high speed network Signal too high DTC is found not active.
      CEM-DF17 CAN-H, high speed network Faulty signal DTC is found not active.
      CEM-E000 Communication with control module Faulty
      DDM No fault found
      DEM-E000 Control module communication Faulty
      DIM No fault found
      ECM-710B Immobilizer communication - Signal missing DTC is found active.
      ECM-E000 Control module communication - Faulty
      ECM-120D Air mass - Signal too low DTC is found active.
      ECM-900B Brake pedal sensor - Signal missing DTC is found active.
      ECM-A12B Speed signal - Signal missing DTC is found active.

      Now, I deal with CanBus systems at work occasionally - and it seems to me that the CanBus looses power, or has a shutdown - and all the other trouble is just a result and limp-mode and such.

      With my previous XC70, i was advised by Volvo that batteries only last 4 yrs, then the car can 'freak out' when they are older with all kinds of trouble.
      So, I charged it up on a charger and it works for a bit - my documentation tells me the battery is 4yrs old.
      I then installed a battery (also few years old...) from my other car in it - and it ran fine for 3 days on approximately 8 short trips! I was HAPPY!
      Just bought a brand new battery, and while driving away (battery not installed yet), the whole thing freaked out again - same errors.
      It limps home

      Checked most fuses, wiggled most relays.
      I took the CEM out to inspect for water damage - seems all dry and no corrosion or anything that I can see on connectors.

      I'm a little lost here - as it could be anywhere from a bad relay to busted electronics.
      As you can imagine, I hope for the relay :-D
      i have not installed the new battery in it as now I can still bring it back - it cranks/starts fine on both 'old' batteries.

      Any help greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!!

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      These definitely do have a tendency to go wonky when the battery is worn out. What do you voltage levels look like when not running and when running? My first inclination would be to throw the new battery in and see what it does, but I understand your hesitation in case you'd want to return it. That said, unless you plan to get rid of the car, you'll have a use for the battery, so you might as well give it a shot.
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      check the wiring for all the modules and their sensors, especially the ECM area, could be some broken wires somewhere. most of the other modules normally dont affect engine when they go wonky. this is by design. so sign of engine trouble means some module or sensor in the engine bay.

      fyi, most of the time its the first module in the list that is the culprit. I've cleared many strange faults in my experience with vida and that was usually the case.
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