A few questions...
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      A few questions...

      So on my friends 08 C30 the mechanic said she needed Struts, LF Axle, Airbag impact sensor, Door inflator module.

      I've done the Struts & Axle, where would the Airbag impact sensor be located?
      Debating about doing the Door inflator module.

      Also she said her AC will cold for a few hrs the start to get cool or warmer. Would that be that she has a slow leak somewhere or the compressor might be going?

      Apologies for all the questions.
      Thanks in advanced!

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      I'd ask the mechanic what they are talking about and how they diagnosed it.

      What's the airbag impact sensor? The sensor on the front bumper? The rear bumper? The main airbag module that detects impacts? Modules will require dealer programming.

      Do you have the ability to reset the SRS warning light? I'd reset it first and then see what codes come back (if any). It's common for these cars to trip a false SRS error when the battery gets low. You're going to need the ability to reset this warning after swapping any sensor anyway, so invest in Vida or a tool like iCarSoft that can clear these types of codes.

      I assume a door inflator module is something airbag related? It's that with the side curtain air bags or the seat side bolsters? Which side of the car? There's no air bag incorporated into the door itself.

      The AC issue is probably the compressor clutch. But it doesn't hurt to at least do a system refill for $40 first, just to test it.

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      If it is the AC compressor clutch, and likely is, it can easily be re-shimmed. As they wear, the gap get too wide for the electromagnet to hold as the clutch gets warm from use and can't hold. There are spacers that maintain the gap when it was new. Sometime you can get away with removing a spacer.
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