Hello guys , i own a Volvo V40 whit motor code D4204T8 whit ~140.000 km , service made at 10.000 km or one year , and in the last 1.500 km the message " Low level oil " appears 3 time . i put 1,5 litres of oil ( Volvo 0w20) in 1.500 km .
it`s the first time when this is happening and i don`t know what to do . my mechanic says is a manufactuer error whit the piston and segment but volvo don`t admit it , his solution is to do a segmentation of engine ( very expesive ~ 4.500 $ ) to see if the oil
consumption is stop.
has anyone heard about this problem on VEA motors E6? is true that they have this problem from the factory ?